Living in Nashville, AR Is More Affordable Than Ever

Our tiny house company offers cost-effective solutions

Many Nashville, AR area residents dream of becoming homeowners, but not all of them have the means to purchase real property. Don't give up hope of owning a home just yet - look into tiny houses. You can also customize a storage building unit with modern conveniences like air conditioning, plumbing and lighting.

Paula Teal, a local tiny house company, is making homeownership affordable by...

Educating prospective customers on the perks of tiny home living
Waiving credit checks for all prospective customers
Offering rent-to-own plans on custom-built cabins

Find out if tiny house living is right for you - call 903-276-7852 now.

Start customizing your tiny home

The owner of this tiny house company is passionate about helping people realize their dreams of living on their own land, or retiring by the lake. During your consultation, she'll ask you questions like...

Do you plan to live in, rent out or camp in your tiny home?

How many people will be occupying the structure at any one time?

What amenities do you want to add for your comfort, safety and convenience?

That way she can help you customize your tiny home in the Nashville, AR area.

Made with the finest materials

No matter what Mother Nature has in store, you can rest assured that your tiny home or storage building unit can withstand extreme weather conditions. Feel free to ask how your home will be constructed and about the warranties that come with it.

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